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The Chateau Resident: Pam Zastrow’s Faithful Journey – the Amazing Wisdom of Active Adults

From the Pacific Northwest

Long before Pam Zastrow ended up at The Chateau, she grew up in the Pacific Northwest, the daughter of a local sheriff and the granddaughter of hardworking farmers. Pam has always been the kind of person who loves to help people. When choosing a career, she looked for an out-of-the-spotlight, supporting role, and found her niche as a surgical assistant, a job she enjoyed for 47 years.

Leading a Family

Pam and her husband Joe raised their two daughters in the state of Washington, and made family memories enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Recalling a time when a handshake was as good as a contract, Pam and Joe wanted to instill values of integrity, personal responsibility, and community service into their two young daughters. Together, they volunteered at nursing homes and at the Special Olympics, and she and Joe led a marriage class at their church.

Challenges and Faith

One of the biggest challenges and learning experiences in Pam’s life centered around her younger daughter, Bethany. Since their older daughter Michelle would often speak for both, Pam and her husband didn’t realize at first that Bethany was severely hearing impaired. This discovery led to a challenging, life changing, grace-filled journey. While Pam and her husband tracked down the best resources for Bethany, friends, family members and specialists offered tremendous support. The family moved to find a school district that provided specialized services, and watched their daughter bloom into a smart, highly perceptive young woman who graduated from college with a degree in psychology. Today, she works for an organization that assists other hearing impaired individuals.

Working through their daughter’s hearing impairment was just one of many life challenges, and Pam admits that each one has strengthened her faith. “I’ve had tons of challenges in my life and I’ve learned how to jump into God’s lap and say, “HELP!”

To Georgia and Grandkids

After Bethany enrolled at the University of Georgia, her sister Michelle, an attorney, also moved to Georgia with her family. In 2015, Pam and her husband relocated to Georgia, and being within fifteen minutes of their two grandchildren was a dream come true. However, in 2019, Pam’s husband passed away after a grueling battle with cancer.

The Chateau, Finding Community

After losing her husband and deciding to retire, life at The Chateau has been an incredible blessing for Pam, and she loves absorbing the accumulated wisdom from everyone she meets. A friendly people-person, Pam is thrilled with The Chateau’s commitment to creating an environment where people know and love their neighbors, and where the staff is eager to help. There’s always something special around the corner, whether it’s a community meal, a planned event, or a fun opportunity to gather.

Currently, Pam leads a Bible study here at The Chateau. She is an avid reader, and a kind, optimistic person who lives life with little drama. Over the years, Pam has learned how to: “…ask questions, listen, and appreciate the talents and wisdom of others.”

Each neighbor here at the Chateau has their own unique story to share. Now that you know a little bit about her, enjoy getting to know your neighbor, Pam Zastrow!

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  1. Barbara Stephens

    hi , Pam is a wonderful person she’s so sweet and her laugh is a joy, I meet pam years ago and we have become sisters in Christ she lets her light shine threw her and shares it with all, she’s a joy and fun to spend time with ,she has been a Blessing to me , If i need prayers i know who to talk to she’s always there. her Daughters are also sweet and fun to be around, yes they did a Great job bringing them. If you get to be Pams friend your Blessed.

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