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Honorary Mayor: The Harold Hadden Story

Harold Hadden was born and raised in Georgia, migrated to Florida, and now has returned to enjoy an active retirement back in his home state. Because Harold and his wife, Maryanne, were the first residents here at the Chateau, folks sometimes call Harold “the honorary mayor,” which suits Harold just fine.

Georgia (and Maryanne) On His Mind

Growing up in Augusta, Georgia, Harold attended a military high school, complete with ROTC training. He went on to study Political Science at Georgia Southern University, where he first met his future wife, Maryanne. However, destiny got postponed until later, when Harold was living in Savannah. There, he got better acquainted with Maryanne, who turned out to be a good friend of his roommate’s girlfriend. Eventually, he and Maryanne got married, moved to Florida, and later welcomed their dear daughter, Betsy.

Providing and Serving

While in Florida, Harold spent a full 30-year career as a dedicated, hands-on department store manager and buyer for 35 stores. In his spare time, Harold enjoyed playing golf, and after retirement he became a passionate volunteer at the Honda Classic Golf Tournament. As one of 1,000 volunteers who helped make the Honda Classic successful, Harold would get to the tournament site at 6:30 a.m. and hand out radios to the staff so they could communicate all day long at the busy event. Years earlier, as a military school student in Augusta, Georgia, Harold and his classmates had been “forced” to volunteer at the Masters Golf Tournament. Serving as a gallery guard, or marshal, was not Harold’s idea of fun at the time, but he feels differently now. Being a crucial part of the Honda Classic Golf Tournament has been a great life memory for Harold.

Retirement Bliss and Blessings at The Chateau

Besides his volunteer work at the Honda Classic, Harold has also been a member of Rotary Club International, one of the largest service organizations in the world. As for other hobbies, Harold says he has recently been “too busy being retired” to play golf. He enjoys being back in Georgia, at a friendly place, with a top level health care facility only a few miles away. Engaging with the residents and staff at the Chateau is an ongoing highlight, where, like the recent “Mimosas and Muffins” event, there are always many community functions.

“We get together six to eight times a month, and it’s like high school: the men at one table and the women at the other table. 90% of these gatherings involve food, served by the extraordinary staff here. The staff is great; they really look out for you,” says Harold.

Harold and Maryanne are grateful to celebrate 54 years of marriage in July 2024, and their daughter Betsy lives nearby in Braselton. When asked to share some life wisdom with anyone who is smart enough to listen, Harold says, “Work hard. Save your money. Take care of your health.”

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